Empowering Change: Creating Momentum from the SME Middle Up

In today’s fast-paced world, where businesses need to continuously evolve to stay competitive, change is not a luxury; it’s an absolute must.

As organisations strive to adapt to evolving technologies and stay ahead of the curve, the role of strategy and execution becomes increasingly essential.

While a company’s top brass might propose the strategy, it’s the crucial middle layer – the small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) leaders and middle managers – who have the power to breathe life into those strategies and drive them towards success. This approach is a game-changer in encouraging sustainable change and innovation.

Unveiling Insights from the Middle Up

Traditionally, mapping out a strategy has been a top-down exercise, with senior leadership charting the course and distributing their directives. With that said, the most profound insights about a company’s internal capabilities, strengths, and areas of improvement often spring from the heart of the organisation – the middle layer. 

This might not surprise those who have been in that position… or even those who have worked below them! After all, it’s the SMEs, the frontline staff, and the middle managers who possess an intricate understanding of the day-to-day operations and can, therefore, identify bottlenecks and potential opportunities. They understand the nuances that might escape higher-ups and can provide invaluable context that shapes the type of strategy that delivers optimal results.

The Critical Role of Engaging Change Catalysts

When it comes to implementing change, overlooking the instrumental role of SME leaders and middle managers is akin to organisational suicide.

They are the glue between strategy and execution, the bridge that ensures the strategic vision aligns seamlessly with the practical realities on the ground. And it is their perspective that is invaluable for ensuring that change is not only correctly implemented but also embraced by the workforce.

This is why, when Mondo develops transformative technology solutions, we work directly with the SME leaders who are responsible for delivering these changes. This collaboration allows us to co-design solutions that align with the overarching organisational strategy. In all, it’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Empowering Ownership for Sustainable Change

Many of us have experience working in a dead-end job where we wanted purpose, to be involved in the process, but ultimately were kept from making any changes. It’s a discouraging position to be in, and generally, the only change we make is that which happens when we find a new role.

Ownership is a powerful catalyst for change. When employees such as SME leaders can actively engage in designing and developing new tools and technologies that reshape their roles, they develop a sense of ownership over the outcomes. And this sense of ownership is not just limited to the technology itself; it extends to the future they are collectively crafting for themselves and their colleagues.

Change management, often viewed as a challenging and separate part of transformation, becomes a natural byproduct of this engagement-centric approach. But why is this so important?

It’s simple: when employees see their ideas and insights woven into the organisation’s strategy, they become advocates for change within their teams. The result? A gradual, seamless transition towards the new way of doing things, where employees are enthusiastic participants rather than passive recipients.

Creating momentum from the SME middle-up represents an ideal shift in how organisations approach change. Companies can transform change from a theoretical concept into tangible growth by recognising the all-important role of SME leaders and middle managers and actively engaging them in strategy design and implementation.

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