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Mondo Ventures build & invest in digital products for enterprise, startups & government.

Our Services

We build digital systems that meet your needs. We turn boring admin into beautiful machines. We build systems that are designed for people. It means you can enjoy your job again. It also happens to save your businesses a boatload of money. 

Product Development

Product Definition
Rapid Product Prototyping
Enterprise-Grade Delivery

Technology Adoption

Google, AWS & Microsoft Cloud
Ecommerce, SaaS, DAO
Data, APIs & Machine Learning

Maintenance & Support

Product Support
Embedded Team
Practice Uplift

How We Engage With You


We spend time with you understanding your vision, your roadmap and your business opportunities.


We’ll run a free a 2-hour “Definition Workshop” to answer key questions about the problem being solved, the customer & how we measure success.


We deliver value immediately. Customer co-creation starts Day 1.  The first version of your product in production in <20 days.


Our Venture Studio

We build and fund joint ventures; especially if it means we can have fun and do good. You bring the ingredients of a great venture: ideas, know, market access and IP. We bring proven experience, expertise, energy and if needed, funding.


  • Products in-market faster
  • Digital experiences customers love (because we asked them)
  • A team who sold our last biz in 5 yrs


  • Digital Business Model Adoption
  • Investment Readiness
  • Business Turnaround & Growth



  • Equity investment
  • Non-Dilutive Funding
  • Grants

Case Studies

Our Customers and Their Stories

Tech Community

Sharing is caring! We’ve built up a handy suite of libraries to help developers make the most of cloud platform technologies, so we decided to share with the developer community.  Of course they are all open-source and free to use.

MondoKit logo

Simplify building NodeJS applications on cloud platforms. A collection of many libraries, providing helpers for utilising cloud technologies, such as repositories and database migrations for Google’s Firestore, helpers to trigger and handle Cloud Tasks, scheduled tasks for creating Firestore Backups to BigQuery and much more.

Serverless Development

Would you like support for your next serverless development project? we provide technical assistance for serverless projects around Australia – including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide & Perth. Learn more about serverless development & how to get started by clicking here

Application Development on Google Cloud

Considering Google Cloud Platform for your next web application or mobile project?  Read more about GCP & how we could assist you with Google Cloud development projects around Australia –  click here

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