Using training data to show staff engagement

How ‘Blooms The Chemist’ can secure ongoing funding of its retailer learning and development program by providing its suppliers, who fund these programs, superior staff engagement and completion metrics.

The Problem

A number of the reports ‘Blooms The Chemist’ used to inform their suppliers about staff engagement were being built manually, taking valuable time from their National Training Manager. Whilst all the data they needed existed, they weren’t able to access all the data they required via ‘Blooms The Chemist’ third- party training platform.

The Solution

After a complex initial engagement focussing on data ingestion, it became clear that the Mondo team could leverage Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio) which would deliver on the bespoke reports being requested by ‘Blooms The Chemist’.

What this meant is that Mondo was able to deliver greater reporting capabilities using the power of Looker Studio supported by data ingested into Google BigQuery.

Example: Internal Blooms Training Report from Looker Studio

The Outcome

By the Numbers


reduction in time preparing reports


weeks / year saving for 1 FTE

How did we do it?

The Approach 

Blooms The Chemist needed

  • An easy dashboard to report data they didn’t have access to quickly.
  • Engagement reports sent to suppliers at the click of a button.
  • To run queries about staff and store training performance they previously couldn’t do.
  • To prove to suppliers the value of the courses they were funding.

The Delivery

  • Complex data ingestion from a third-party API, working collaboratively with all parties.
  • Reduced unnecessary ‘update’ meetings and got on with the job.
  • Leveraging our skills at data ingestion and visualisation for impactful business results.
  • Leveraging Looker Studio as a preferred approach rather than building a bespoke dashboard delivering less flexibility.

What Mondo Used 

  • Technical and UX design input.
  • Solution built desktops.
  • Data ingestion & visualisation to display staff training engagement and performance.
  • Business and data governance rules.

Delivered 2 weeks earlier than promised.

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