Advantages & Benefits of Serverless Development

Explore our article below examining why serverless overs a variety of benefits for your IT organization

Seperation of Powers

This improves development team productivity as the serverless platform takes care of the housekeeping, bootstrapping, and environmental matters (the dependencies) in the background. Developers then have increased freedom to concentrate on the specific functions they are trying to create.

Improved Security

By constraining developers to using code constructs which only work within the serverless platform of choice; developers are more likely to produce code that conforms with best practices and with security/ governance protocols set out by compliance teams.

Time To Production

The serverless development model aims to reduce the number of steps involved in conceiving, testing, and deploying code – with the aim of moving functionality from the idea stage to the production stage in days rather than months.

No Server Management Required

Developers never have to deal with the servers. These are managed by the cloud provider. This can reduce the investment necessary in DevOps, thus lowering expenses. Furthermore this saves time when onboarding external consultants and it also frees up developers to create and expand their applications without being constrained by server capacity.

Saves Cost

With the ‘pay-as-you-use’ model of serverless platforms, developers are only charged for the server space they use. The code only runs when backend functions are required by the serverless application, and the code automatically scales up as required by an event being created.

Serverless architectures are inherently scalable

Applications built with a serverless infrastructure will scale automatically as the user base grows or usage increases. This means that they are great for high growth companies or projects with usage that tends to surge during particular time periods.

Rapid Updates

Developers can very quickly upload sections of code and release new product features from staging to production in minutes.

Borderless Data Processing

In the past, when products like Google BigQuery weren’t available in Australia – data was processed offshore. Serverless resources are now available across the world enabling firms to securely host their data on-shore.

Reduced Latency

Via serverless infrastructure, developers can move away from origin servers that may be 1000s of kilometres away & instead develop application functions which run closer to the end user.

Learn More About Serverless Development

In this publication, we’ve asked leading experts around Australia for their views on serverless; with a particular focus on Google & how Google Cloud can be used to scale enterprise applications.

From transforming outdated on-premise solutions to reviewing data sets with rows in the millions, serverless technologies have accelerated the growth of B2B & B2C companies at a phenomenal rate.

The report examines what serverless technologies, the advantages of serverless technologies and how to harness this technology to foster more innovation in the Australian technology space.