Healthy Life gets serious about health

How Mondo partnered with Healthy Life, using Woolies data, to create a world first product. Woolies have one of the best customer behaviour data assets in the World.  How can they leverage it to deliver new value to customers?

The Problem

How can customers understand if they are making healthy choices with their food purchases when compared against the CSIRO benchmarks for what is a healthy shopping basket for an average Australian household.

The Solution

A web application that shows a customer how their personal or family shopping basket compares to the recommended Australian dietary guidelines. 

Mondo accessed customer shopping data and developed a product to visually bring this data to life and deliver a great customer experience.

The Outcome

By the Numbers


Weeks to launch




Food Tracker Users

How did we do it?

The Approach 

  • An outcome for a fixed price.
  • Clear success criteria before product development began.
  • Customer consultation from Day 1.  This meant the team focussed on the features customers most needed and minimised project waste.
  • By breaking the problem into small chunks with multiple releases per day and ruthless prioritisation.
  • Small teams = better, transparent communications.

The Delivery

  • An MVP, delivered quickly and certainly on time and budget.
  • An experienced team that can develop solutions at maximum velocity from Day 1.
  • Customer informed development through the entire engagement.

What Mondo Used 

  • A Technical and UX design input.
  • Solution built for mobile and desktops.
  • Data ingestion & visualisation to display the customer shopping outcomes.
  • Mondo was able to build a well developed customer prototype including both pie and bar charts and real shopping data to get into customer testing within 3 weeks of project commencement.  
  • Business and data governance rules.
  • GCP cloud platform and security compliance.

Launch in week 12 as promised.

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