Fintech platform & mobile app delivered in just 4 months.

Verve Super is an ethical super fund for women, by women. Their predominantly female customer community wants to see their own investments help build a compassionate, sustainable, and healthy future for everyone.

The Problem

How can Verve provide an ethical, engaging yet simple way of generating sustainable wealth for its customers? The investment ecosphere can be especially overwhelming for those customers new to share market investing.

The Solution

Using a goal-based approach we developed the Verve Money app – a native mobile application that guides customers through growing their wealth in an ethical and sustainable way.

An engaging, empowering and educational experience that builds confidence in share market investing and may end up saving the planet.

The Outcome

In 4 months Mondo dropped the Verve Money app into the Google Play and Apple App stores. The app has been fully integrated and tested with the requisite 3rd party platforms including registry, payments and KYC (Know Your Customer).

By the Numbers


Months from zero code to delivery in Play and App stores


Platform Integrations

Why Mondo? 

Because Mondo could bring to the party what the Verve team needed for success:

How did we do it?

The Mondo Approach

  • An agreed outcome for a fixed price.
  • Success criteria articulated before product development began.
  • A high release cadence enabling positive user engagement and continuous feedback.
  • Ruthless prioritisation.
    Small teams = unambiguous, transparent communication.
  • Joint venture funding model.

What Mondo Used 

  • Technical and UX design input.
  • React Native to deliver the solution for iOS and Android phones.
  • Integration with 6 platforms:
  • Business and financial compliance.
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and security compliance including Firestore, Scheduler, Storage. GCP’s cloud sustainability credentials made it the perfect fit for this project.
  • Technical handover and documentation for internal team support.

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