“Fun” is good for business.

When people do business, they are often afraid to talk about “fun” for fear of not sounding professional.

We take your outcomes seriously and are laser-focused about adding value and  prioritisation, but when we work with businesses to plan a piece of work, we tell them that the delivery will be fun for those involved.

Fun? Surely that’s a childish thing to mention when scoping work? But think about it, the team is having fun when these things are happening:

  • The business has confidence in outcomes being delivered to budget.
  • There is constant delivery through regular releases means people get to play with the product and test features as they evolve.
  • There is trust and honest communication means that nobody is needing to “second guess” any messages.
  • Enhancements are being made to a product based on real user feedback instead of internal documents.
  • … we can go on …

At Mondo Ventures, we genuinely love what we do. If you engage a partner who doesn’t love what they do, then you should be asking yourself why. We don’t just love technology … we love cutting through noise and building the best solutions for our clients. This is why we invest our own profits in products we’ve built for clients, such as Verve Money.

And it’s not just us that have fun. It’s our clients too. So, if you want to do “good business”, then delivery should be fun

“The Mondo team handled complex problems with ease and were a fun team to work with during the project. They delivered on the original concept plus over-and-above solution functionality.”

“As a start-up, we need to find agile, outcome-focussed and fun teams - Mondo were all three!”

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